Software Kiosks

We create iconic interfaces and memorable experiences with style.

From freestanding kiosks to our fabulous social media aggregation walls and kiosks for live events, we have the engineering it takes to cater to thousands to billions of users.

Unique, stylish and unprecedented statistics have characterized our kiosk work.

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Software Kiosks

Used for advertising, information, tourism and more – these units can be designed from an ipad size to a free standing use suitable for airports.

Social Media Aggregation Kiosks

Intended for large brands and live sporting events, these kiosks capture the Internet’s live conversations about your brand and event as it happens. Users quickly see the role they plan in shaping your brand. Real-time processing through a bank of some of world’s most powerful servers enables some of the magic behind these kiosks.

Applications for Your Table Top Touchscreen Computers

Many businesses start small with touch screen computers for trade shows. We can make engaging touch screen applications for this kind of purpose.

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