Our Photo Shoots

It’s one of the ways that we can get a really great looking site is if we do a photo shoot.

I just finished a shoot last week. The client had said to me, “You won’t get a better photo than this..” and he shows me the photo that he previously had taken. I think I did get a better photo but now we wait to see what the client thinks of his image.

To me the shot strengthened his image and the way he projected his confidence. It will be interesting to see what they think about the shots.

And then I have another client who keeps putting off the photo shoot, not realizing that we are kind of known for making our clients look like rock stars. Everyone wants to look good – we know that. I work as hard as I can to capture that in the images that I choose and shoot. And people like looking at pictures of … people. That’s part of what makes the site interesting.