How is Carolina Web Development Different?

I’m Laura Kerbyson and I’ve spent my whole life being different from everyone else.

In terms of web development companies – Godaddy or Network Solutions or your local shop is not going to throw in the graphics, all digital photography including specking Aerial shoots, design branding, SEO, server setup, email setup, animated web sites or even a software kiosk – a fully comprehensive product into one product offering. They have a limited range of talent and that talent does not resonate from one single creative visionary source to make that product. When you have teams of creative people it’s very difficult and expensive to produce a unified successful product. If you’ve got one visionary with the end-all-be-all skillset at the helm that also understands business and economic development and how to take your business to the next level – why that’s the trump card and that’s our properties – and Now, do we use the servers of those companies, absolutely.

The largest single investment in my work was Hard Rock Park, a rock and roll theme park that as a few founders – we raised $252 in the bond market and the total end product was closer to $600 million of investment. That was the foundation stepping stone to getting businesses to realize that I am the person and suite of companies to represent firms like medical, cosmetic dentistry, housing developments, flower shops, wedding businesses, fashion icons, aviation, real estate and so forth. We have such a comprehensive line of companies in our portfolio, that people can really see the depth of our company.

As a designer I’ve done a theme park, yacht designs, millions of dollars in homes and untold web properties even a custom Porsche. Design is my passion and the bigger the better. I’m just not settling for being an average woman….or average companies.


Competing companies – you think you’ve got what it takes to compete – then you throw your jack on the table and let’s see who wins. That’s 25 years of confidence in my product and my skill set and knowing that I have the best solution for businesses.

My background is in computer science, graphics and business.