In Memory of Jonathan Cherol

You will be missed my friend. We worked together for a couple of years, first creating the web site for Peppers Old Town and then adding on expansion products and changing menus to the site. You were so easy to work with and always had a big smile.

When I think about all the events that we had at Peppers Old Town and the friends that we shared them with, there was really nothing else like it. I remember those of us in the Young Professionals getting together around the fire pits. And then the Wedding Planners group event because I was selling sites to wedding planners. I would sometimes bring friends and colleagues to lunch at the restaurant. I wouldn’t have those memories if it were not for you.

And I promise that I will finish reading the book on the history of Bluffton that you gave me the last time I saw you. You were always a champion of the local history. Peace be with you.