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Still Fine Tuning the Site

I’ve been working on fine tuning the site by adding the proper SEO and inserting an audio player so that the sound can be turned on or off. I don’t like the look of the standard audio player so you can expect that I will keep adjusting it to change the look of the player.

It’s somewhat complicated because it’s a JQuery/HTML 5.0 slider with the audio player being coded into the slider as a layer. Domain forwarding with masking knocked the audio out, so I had to hard code the exact directory on the native domain.

But now I’m not happy with the look and placement so I will add that to my future “To Do” list.

The site will get refinements as it goes along in time.

I just can’t wait for Google to reindex the site. We are always at the mercy of their timeline.

We’ve done a fetch but there’s something on the Godaddy server that is causing a partial result. More items to add to the list…

I think this is the real problem – the domain is with another registrar pointed at the new server. The Google bots can’t find the .txt file. The domain name is native to the server (same registrar). Google finds it just fine. The Google bots don’t seem to know what to do with domain forwarding.

And it’s not so simple to just say, “Move the Domain.” It takes our site down for up to 72 hours and our email server with it. This is going to have to be planned.

And it is going to have to happen because the email server currently at Network Solutions is not functioning properly and I’ve tested it very carefully from our side. The issue has to be on their side. We spent hours today (both me and Network Solutions trying to figure out what the problem is – but to no avail.

This month has just been brutal with web server problems across all of the companies we deal with it. They are all having issues of some kind. I hope next month is better.


Welcome to the New Blog

I am so excited to finally have time to work on our site and put some polish on a design that people have often said they are really intrigued by.

This site will undergo many modifications in the coming months. And I’ll keep you updated as to the changes down the road.

~ Laura