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22 Wexford On The Green 

I’ll be blogging and talking about this web site in the next few weeks and property as we’ve been asked to promote the property.

I shot the photos as well as made the web site. I can tell you that the house is truly spectacular and very warm. I think it would make an idea corporate golf retreat for a professional golf company, athlete, PGA or just a very nice vacation home for anyone in the market for a waterfront home on Hilton Head Island.



A Three Day Deadline to Change it All – I did it


Because I replaced my business partner on the theme park with a new one – I threw out everything from the old park and created a new one – one that is my vision.

In three days, I rewrote the 20-page business plan and created a new map (there’s a few placeholders). But those are the real rides in the map that just need new names and additional theming. Tuesday is the minor challenge that I ended to seek a minor sum of money. After that it will then be our pitch to overseas investors.

There aren’t that many people in the world who have built a park. I have the experience of being on that team.

Imagine what I can do if I had more than 3 days.


Introducing 3D Virtual Tours for Web Sites

We’d like to welcome Archie Weber to Carolina Web Development.

Archie is a Certified Trusted Photographer for Google. By partnering with Archie we can offer our clients 3D Virtual Tours that appear through Google and we can embed them directly into web pages.

It’s the perfect way for customers to have a look around your restaurant, store, attraction, facility or any business. It’s an affordable way to add a lot of bang to the buck for a web site.

You can check out all the details here on our new page for 3D Virtual Tours.